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Cycle Strategy is a fully integrated consulting firm. We have a well-earned reputation for having the relationships and the experience to craft a strategy, bring people to the table, and execute a plan to move an issue, candidacy, or an entire legislative caucus forward. We know that success must be defined by clearly articulated benchmarks and goals to produce predictable results.

At Cycle Strategy, we understand the complex dynamics of campaigns and public policy, where they intersect, and where they diverge. We know when groups or individuals who, at times, are opposed to each other, can be brought together, and conversely, when their opposition can be leveraged. 

The challenge is understanding the unique circumstances of every client or campaign, and coming up with creative and innovative solutions to those challenges. This means having a firm understanding of what has worked in the past, but also making sure we create custom solutions for every client.



Cycle Strategy offers a full range of consulting, communications, and fundraising services to help our clients achieve their goals. Our diversity of experience and full integration of services allow us to provide a comprehensive approach to our clients' needs, or work as a partner with a larger consulting team. We possess the adaptable skill-set to execute our clients' strategies – fluidly in any environment.



A political campaign can be an intimidating environment – consultants; staff; budgets; finance, field, and communications plans; and a million other moving pieces – it's hard to know where to begin. 

At Cycle Strategy, we have the expertise to develop a custom strategy for your campaign, saving time and money and focusing everyone' s energy on the most important thing. Winning.

Digital Targeting

At Cycle Strategy, we combine integrated data with technology to deliver the most efficient and effective digital advertising campaigns in politics.

We incorporate targeting science with a multi-layered digital advertising network to help your campaign find the right voters every time. Our digital targeting combines  the richness of television with the targeting ability of direct mail.




In a crowded election season, it's not enough just to put your ad on TV, your campaign needs ads that cut through the clutter and are remembered.

Cycle Strategy specializes in creating ads that speak to voters, understand the issues, and win campaigns. We target ad buys in the most cost-effective and strategic ways because on campaigns, there's never any money to waste. 

Direct Mail

We manage every piece of mail from conception to production to the hands of your voters – we target, design, produce copy, and...we deliver.

Direct mail can make the difference in an election — from reminding voters of the good that our client has done, or reinforcing the reasons not to vote for our opponent. 

Mail is a precision tool, and we know how to harness it's power while understanding its limitations. Its effective use can mean the difference between losing and winner.




Simply put: we specialize in making sure your operation has the resources it needs to succeed. 

Cycle Strategy works with clients to craft fundraising strategy, and establish long term relationships designed to win. We not only find the path to fund a successful campaign, but we train staff and candidates alike to be confident, capable and enthusiastic about their fundraising operation. 

Campaign Compliance

Federal. State. Local. Every campaign has its own reporting compliance demands, and we have the experience and expertise to make sure your campaign is 100% compliant. Whether you don't want to take the time or resources away from your campaign to make sure everything is compliant, or you are concerned about the legal (and political) liabilities surrounding campaign finance reporting, we have you covered. When necessary, we partner with some of the most well-respected and battle-tested Democratic attorneys to ensure that our clients have every legal protection. 




One of the most important aspects of a successful campaign is identifying who to talk to, what to say, and when to say it – all while understanding how it will be heard by your audience. We'll work with you to communicate your message--in your voice--through press management, and earned media. The world of communications can be difficult to navigate but we are here to help you understand it, and develop the right strategy to achieve your goals.


Everyone has a phone. Everyone. That's why grassroot telephones can be one of the most time- and cost-effective ways to identify your voters, persuade undecided voters, and get out the vote — all while using a live operators. 

At Cycle Strategy, we specialize in persuasive scripts effectively identify your support, move voters to supporting your campaign, and ensure that they vote on election day.



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